Hawley, sans mystery.

landeen_blog_hawley_draining-2It’s amazing (but completely understandable) how a lake without water — which in this particular case holds for me almost two decades of memories; a summer refuge and place of childhood discovery that I will always hold dear to my heart and has shaped a great deal of the man who I am today — just looks like a dirty, muddy dent.

They are draining it to fix the spillway, which I suppose is important. The lake is normally 280 acres, and the are supposedly taking it down under 30.

There are some upsides, though, as I now had the ability to casually wander the lake-bottom around some of my favorite fishing spots and give the finger to each and every rock, stump, and stick ever responsible for snagging my flies.

Silver linings, and all.

-Alex who may or may not have marked a few GPS spots, also.