Things of Note, 5/19/2015

Thing 1 – Beaver Island Spots Available

landeen_beaver_fishing-9684 It is needless to say that I am dissapointed that I will not be able to go back to Beaver Island this year. It is one of the coolest places I have ever been. The fishery, the island, and the people combine to make it very special.

Kevin Morlock, one of the hosts and a Third Coast Fly guide dropped me a line about the availability for this years trip, so I am spreading the word.

Details @

CLICK HERE to see the full coverage from last year.

Thing 2 – The Reel Winder

I was sent one of the original Line Winder to check out and had a chance to use it while in the mountains last week to swap a line from one of my father’s reels to one of mine.

winder-7654 Also useful for cleaning lines and storing them while not in use, the updated Reel Winder has a faster clip-style attachment, as well as a threaded screw that holds the spool.

I was told, after asking about it myself, that soon (maybe now) the winder will be able to accommodate manufacturer spools, for those like me who also store unused lines on their spools.

See details at, as well as their Kickstarter Page.